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Cocktail bar

We offer our originally created cocktails, classic cocktails, and an exceptional selection of whiskey and wines. Our latest menu is inspired by "The Great Gatsby - Roaring 20s"!


Live music

Our compositions taste best with the accompaniment of life music, which pleases guests in Dram Bar on every evening after 6 pm.

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Original Cuisine: Dram x Rodion Didkov

We serve emotions on a plate. The dishes created by the new chef surprise with their taste and appearance, and additionally take the experience of consuming to a completely different, higher level.


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Dear Guest, to ensure efficient and quick service, we handle reservations of larger groups in the following way:

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About Dram Bar

Dram Bar is a place created out of love to discover and experience flavours and textures. Situated in the heart of Poznań, on the Old Market Square, it invites guests with the soothing sounds of live music, the smell of amazing cuisine, and the taste of the most interesting cocktail compositions in Poznań.

We want to be as close to our guests as we possibly can. Accompany you during the first sip of coffee in the morning, satisfy hunger at lunchtime and let drift away in the imagination of combining flavors in cocktails served in the evening.

We invite everyone to eat a full of flavor meal or spend a pleasant and relaxing evening with the sounds of a saxophone or a trumpet soothing in the background.