Gift Cards

If you want to give a special person a wonderful gift, we invite you to purchase one of our gift cards. With it, the recipient will be able to enjoy our entire range of offerings in any configuration.

Cocktails & Quarterly Menu

Dram Bar specializes in classic and signature cocktails. Mixology and combining the interesting with the surprising is our passion. However, above all, what matters to us is making sure that the cocktails we serve are tailored to the atmosphere of your evening, mood, and personal preferences.

Additionally, once a quarter, under the watchful eye of our Bar Manager - Michał Górecki, we release a signature menu consisting of around 10 cocktails created from scratch by our bar team. Currently, we're hosting a quarterly themed event inspired by the best TV series of recent years called Dram & Series

Signature Cuisine: Dram x Rodion Didkov

All items are created with the idea of sharing culinary and cocktail adventures with companions. The menu is also prepared for vegetarians. Our Head Chef - Rodion Didkov is a medalist of BEST OF GASTRONOMIE and holds the SILVER CHEF 2022 award. His mission? As he himself stated:

'I want to serve emotions on a plate at Dram Bar. To make dishes surprise with their taste and presentation, and additionally elevate the experience of consumption to a completely different, higher level (both visually and in terms of taste and texture)

Tastings of aged spirits

For every beginner, aspiring, or experienced enthusiast of aged spirits, we are happy to offer a selection of bottles of chosen varieties.

During the tasting, we will provide an introduction to tasting techniques, basic organoleptic principles, and share information about the served spirits so that the moments spent with our drams (tasting glasses) will be memorable.

Live Music & Events

Every day at Dram Bar, you'll find live music, with sounds of saxophone, trumpet, or guitar. Every Wednesday from 9:00 PM, we organize JAZZ JAM SESSION, which has become a permanent fixture in Poznań's weekly music schedule.

We also host exhibitions, as well as meetings and tastings with renowned figures from the world of whisky, rum, and gin