Build and Maintain Relationships at Dram Bar

Offer for Large Groups (12+)

An upcoming event in your life that you want to celebrate with your closest people? Organize a gathering with a larger group (12+) at a restaurant in the old town of Poznań. We create evenings, build relationships, record memories, and provide a space for celebrating moments.

Our offer for large groups includes:
- a wide selection of tapas, sharing dishes, and restaurant items;
- the most interesting cocktails and the best selection of alcohol in the city;
- live music every evening from 6:00 PM onwards;
- a dedicated host for reservations;
- the possibility of booking private rooms on the upper floor of the venue.

Tasting of Aged Spirits

Explore the World of Whisky

Provide your companions with a sea of attractions. A whisky tasting is an unforgettable experience, a journey through the senses and an exploration of this magical world. Whether you are experienced connoisseurs or it's your first encounter with whisky, we will be your guides through this beautiful land!We will lead you through the flavors, aromas, and history of whisky.

We'll uncover nuances that will allow you to experience whisky drinking at a completely different, higher level. All of this in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where there is room for questions, answers, sharing experiences, and impressions

SPRAWDŹ OFERTĘ degustacji whisky
Ask about additional evening attractions

Cocktail workshops

For those of you who want to enhance your group or corporate gathering with additional attractions, we encourage you to celebrate the evening with cocktail workshops in the background.

We invite you to email or call us for a consultation with Mr Patrykiem Zielińskim, naszym Bar Manager (+48 789 038 131) so that the selected attractions best suit your needs

The team at Dram Bar are veterans in event organization

Offer for Companies

We are pleased to support in planning and organizing events for larger groups and corporate meetings. Our bartenders and managers have organized hundreds of events of various sizes.

The layout of Dram Bar allows for the adaptation of a single room or the entire venue, and our audio/video equipment - including a projector with a large screen and TVs connected via Google Chromecast infrastructure - is at your disposal. If needed, we provide full privacy and transportation to and from the venue.

Currently, we are organizing corporate meetings with the option of whisky or wine tastings

We discuss the details of our offer via email ( and by phone at the contact number of our Bar Manager — Patryka Zielińskiego: +48 789 038 131

Cocktail workshops

As the only venue in Poznań, we offer organized evening cocktail workshops for companies and larger groups. During the workshops, we will introduce you to the secrets of bartending and recipes for the most popular classic cocktails. We will also show you how to recreate the learned recipes at home. Of course, there will be mixing and trying your own blends. The workshops last approximately 2 hours.